Time Trials (aka Club nights) are a great way to introduce your child to competitive swimming in fun and supportive environment. 

At Time Trials swimmers compete in a range of events and achieve personal best (PB) times. Swimmers are placed (seeded) with other swimmers of similar times (not in age groups). All standards of swimming are catered for, so all swimmers are encouraged to attend Time Trials.

Time Trials are 'typically' held every alternate Friday during the season. Exact dates are located on the KASC Team App, Oasis foyer notice board, or via email.  

To enter:

  1. See what events are listed on the KASC notice board in the Oasis foyer (located next to the café window).
  2. Get an entry form  located in the unlocked KASC box under under the noticeboard. 
  3. CORRECTLY complete all sections of the nomination form
  4. Place the nomination form in the locked box by 5pm Wednesday prior to Time Trial
  5. Turn up from 5pm for a 5:30pm start
  6. Parent(s) have a front row view by a volunteering as a time keeper
  7. HAVE FUN!!!

IMPORTANT: Each swimmer is able to nominate for 5 swims (including 1 ‘Special' event) each Time Trial. Important: 4 of the 5 events is ONE from each stroke. e.g. you cannot swim 50 freestyle and 100 freestyle - except if one of them is a Special event. 


What to bring to Time Trials:

* Bathers                                                                  * Healthy snacks

* Towel                                                                    * Quiet activity (book, small toy)

* Goggles                                                                 * Warm clothes for in between swims

* Dry clothes to change into                            * Swimming cap  (no training squad caps)

Disqualifications (DQs):

Time Trials are used to educate swimmers on correct techniques and prepare swimmers for bigger competitions . 

For this reason, qualified Referees have the authority to 'disqualify' (DQ) a competitor who performs incorrect swimming actions which breach FINA rules for swimming. Attempts will be made by the Referee to inform the swimmer as to the reasons for disqualification. Please see the Coach if you need guidance on DQs.