Joining KASC

When should I join swimming club?

We recommend that swimers complete a minimum of stage 6 before joining the Kalgoorlie Amateur Swimming Club. If you feel you are ready to join then please come down for an assessment.

Assessments are free, and run from 4:45-5:15pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons by appointment. Please make sure you call to book one in to ensure our Head Coach is there for the assessment. To book one in please contact our club registrar, at


Do I have to join straight away?

You do not have to join straight away, however, you are unable to commence training until membership is received for insurance purposes. Your child has two weeks from their trial date where they can train in which their membership needs to be completed. After joining there will be a one month period in which coaches may potentially move the swimmer if they feel there is a squad better suited to the swimmers ability.


What commitment does swimming require?

Each of our squads recommends swimmers attend a minimum number of sessions. However, this is not compulsory. However, if a child is not meeting the recommended sessions and the coach feels their ability is not keeping with the squad, they may be moved into a squad more suited to their needs.


Why should parents avoid coaching their own children?

If parents coach their own children it can be very confusing for them as they may start to receive different messages as to what they should be doing. It places undue pressure on the child they’re away from swimming and doesn’t give them the ‘down time’ they need, especially as they progress through the sport. Our coaches are nationally accredited and trained to help develop your swimmer.


What equipment do swimmers need?

Every swimmer is required to have a cap and goggles (recommended to have two, in the case of breakages). In addition to this, swimmers are required to have a drink bottle that carries a minimum of 600ml. All squads require fins and a kickboard, however please note as they progress through the program they will require additional training equipment.


When will swimmers move up to the next squad?

Progression through our squads is based on a number of factors. Some of these include age, maturity, dedication, training ability, racing ability and desire to improve in the sport. It is at the sole discretion of the coaches as to whether you progress from one squad to the next. Please feel free to arrange a time with your coach about your progress anytime, not just when you feel you’re ready to move squads. Please note that swim club does not operate like learn to swim, so progressions take longer.


How do I contact my coach?

Each coach usually has a preferred method of contact. Please check our weekly newsletter publication sent to all members for your swimmer’s contact details.


For more information please refer to the following:


Training times:

Seahorses: This is the first of the Junior Squads at Kalgoorlie Amateur Swimming Club. In this squad swimmers will learn correct squad technique as well as learn to function as part of a training squad. Swimmers will have two sessions available and the option of swimming one or both.

Yabbies: This is the second of our Junior Squads. Swimmers in this squad will continue refinement of technique whilst being introduced to racing skills. Swimmers in this squad have two sessions available and are recommended to do both.

Whitings: This is the third stage of our junior programme. Swimmers will continue to develop technique and further race skills. Swimmers in this squad have three sessions on offer and are recommended to swim two to three of these sessions.

Marlins: This squad is the highest level in the junior programme. This squad aims to set swimmers up with the skills necessary to compete at state level. It begins to offer swimmers a more comples training plan to prepare them for the Dolphins squad. Swimmers in this squad have seven sessions on offer and are recommended to do four to six sessions per week.

Dolphins: This is currently the highest squad in the programme. Swimmers in this squad must be a minimum of 12 years of age as well as being able to satisfy the squad criteria. Swimmer have seven sessions available and are recommended to do six to seven sessions per week.

Printable two week registration form .


Fee Schedule

  • Non-swimmer Swimming WA Membership - (Compulsory membership for parents/guardians of a a swimmer under 18) - FREE
  • Swimming WA Junior Membership Fee (under 8 years) - from $44 per annum
  • Swimming WA Membership Fee - $121 per annum
  • KASC Membership Fee - From $190 per season (depending on squad)

Pro-rata fees apply when joining throughout the season. 

Fees are due within the first two weeks of each season. For insurance reasons, Swimming WA  Fees must be paid before any swimmer is allowed to join in training sessions or Time Trials.

(*Club fee does not include pool entry. The Oasis offers 20% discount on aquatic memberships to KASC members).

Register Online

Register at or via the JOIN NOW button.

Birth Certificate

All new swimmers MUST present a copy of their Birth Certificate or Extract to the Club Registrar. Registration is only finalised following this step.